CHROMADANE is a strict GDCA CODE OF ETHICS BREEDER. We breed working (service & therapy) & "dual ring" Danes. Our breeding stock competes and wins in AKC (& FCI) conformation shows as well as obedience, agility & other trials. Our Danes are all CGC temperament tested, and are working, certified TDI therapy dogs of even disposition. All are also CHIC-level health certified with OFA hip, heart, thyroid, & CERF, plus DNA certified, 'chipped, annually vet'd & bred with a goal of healthful longevity. CLICK HERE FOR OFA/CERF INFO ON CHROMA

More than "guarantees"--we offer proven temperament, type & health. Superior companions, performance prospects, working dog & fine competition breeding stock available upon consult. Select breedings on occasion. Breeder & rescue referrals always available. CLICK HERE for details of kennel practices & policies.

We carry forward a selective bloodline based in what we think are the best of the greater VERSATILE (while always beautiful!) dogs in our breed, and we are committed to excellence. We invite others who share our vision to come join in the fun! We DO welcome both those who are primarily interested in finishing Champions &/or simply having companion Danes; we just offer a bit wider "take" on the breed, so can start you on a deeper journey into the future of your relationship w/your Danes if you like. We are firmly committed to a deep support of those who commit to what is to us nearly a cause! We are not looking for followers but rather equals, peers, partners who can add to the bloodline improvement & breed preservation we seek.........we want to share respect not dictate rules.

Although most would look to "me," I would say WE are actually a consortium, a small group of dedicated Dane owners very serious about producing a working-style "dual-ring" "whole dog" concept of the Great Dane: a dog that is structurally secure, mentally able & correct in type. I want to breed through the decades a Great Dane that can endure, oblige & look beautiful while doing it. We are also, by choice & deliberation, a small scale "kennel" of several individual homes that each have in them a few cherished companions. We've tried hard to build a foundation of solid health & temperament to insure the breed type we offer is deep and not defined by cosmetic traits. See "who we are" as to individuals supporting the breeding aspect of this vision by visiting the various individual dogs & their dedicated owners/trainers who co-own & co-breed with me.


JP YOUSHA pictured left: where ChromaDane started. Breeder, owner & handler of the first ever Great Dane to be ranked in conformation, agility, obedience and rally. Breeder-owner of multiple titled AKC & FCI Champions, including a GDCA Hall of Fame Harlequin that was also the first Great Dane ever to achieve the Canine Health Foundation's "Champion of Health" award. See more on her below under "K9 Affiliations."

JP Yousha/CHROMADANE: We are located in Midland TX: half-way between Dallas and El Paso.

JP Yousha K9 Affiliations:

  • Member, GDCA (Great Dane Club of America): long term Chairman of the Health and Research (formerly Health & Welfare) committee, and long term member of the Companion Events committee.
  • Member, Past-President, trainer of OTDFA (AKC all-breed club in El Paso TX) .
  • Member, past Secretary/Board member, trainer of RGODC (AKC obedience club) both in El Paso TX.
  • Member, Big Spring Kennel Club (AKC all-breed clubin West TX).
  • Director of "Dog Tales" Therapy dog group and former director of the El Paso chapter of Therapy Dogs Int'l (TDI Eval#357, Delta AltEval & member).
  • Former Member, VP/Board member of the Great Dane Club of El Paso (1992-2007).
  • Former CVT (certified Vet.Tech) also BA, BS, MAIS (Philosophy of Science).
  • Member NAVTA (North Amer. Vet . Tech. Assoc.)
  • Former member Darmstadt Search and Rescue Team ((RHZ) & member DDC, SHV (Dane & GSD clubs in Germany)

Protecting the future involves preserving the past.

A breeding program, IMO, should be grounded in the history of the breed and informed by the science of the day. And our vision of what we breed is "Heirloom" Danes--classic type grounded in old-fashioned animal husbandry practices updated by cutting edge science. I want back the estate dogs of old. Dogs with classic type: a square dog with a rectangular head ( good, cobby bodies & long, lovely heads, plus length of leg & neck)--a dog with elegance & power. Dogs also with the structure to move: who have an upper arm & angle, strong withers, a short back & a long hip. Dogs big enough to be giant dogs, but not so exaggerated in size or substance they are good for little else but looking at, or where their "extreme type" makes them vunerable to a thousand ills. Moreover they must be dogs with a mind to match the body: dogs who behave in public & on leash, but also dogs who can live off the leash with grace and aplomb. Dogs with good sense. Dogs who are good with other animals & generally smart and benevolent. Dogs who move across a field as pretty as little horses. Dogs who are innately empathic and intuitive with people. Dogs who can live a healthy decade offering companionship that is both low-maintenance & high in the happiness factor. For those from a horse background (like myself), we are, as one buyer put it, breeding a 3-day eventer & a good working warmblood....

 The name "CHROMADANE" & OUR MOTTO: People often wonder where the kennel name came from. Like many of the names chosen for our individual dogs, it's a double entendre. CHROMA means "colored" (as well as purity/intensity) & we breed specifically spotted, or "colored" Danes. Chromosomes literally means "colored bodies" & since we emphasize genetic health in our breeding program, the idea of "spotty bodies" also implies we never forget about the unseen genetics of the thing. To touch a spotted dog is traditionally thought to bring luck; we feel we've been blessed with our spotty bodies & never want to forget that their general wonderfulness is how we ended up here in the first place. We breed for a whole working dog--not exclusively a conformation animal, and exhibit ("show") as part of our assessment of bloodstock--not as the reason for breeding it. Although we didn't originate this idea, we did pretty much coin this term, the working-style Dane, and were in fact one of the first Dane kennels to articulate this as a breeding program concept, & have been a pioneer of the practice of selecting breeding stock only that passed certification/titling level examinations in all three arenas (of conformation, peformance and health). To that end, we are active trainers and handlers, & we keep ourselves up to date on genetics, animal husbandry and other aspects of breeding & training dogs: it's continuing education for a lifetime to do right by dogs if you are breeding them. We feel our "take" on Danes is distinctive & the "look and feel" of our dogs is signature. And despite the fact a lot of what has been said and done here first has found its way elsewhere, the "original design" born of vision is always the best version of that particular idea?

"Do not go where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail." R.W. Emerson