We breed working (service & therapy) & "dual ring" Danes; our breeding stock competes (and wins) in AKC & FCI conformation shows as well as obedience, agility & other trials. Our Danes are all CGC temperament tested, and are working, certified TDI therapy dogs of even disposition. Many of Chroma Danes are ranked in the top 10 in dogsports and were invited mutliple times to various National competitions.  See below just a few examples of our dogs succeeding in multiple sports. More pictures will be added later.

Therapy Danes: From the first generation & now for 5 generations, a large number of our ChromaDanes are certified, working Therapy Dogs. Several are highlighted below: Pirate, Picabo, Guidon, Vegas, Zen;   Click here for more pictures of Chroma Therapy Danes

Therapy Great Danes - PicaboZen TherapyTherapy Great Danes - OrionVegas Therapy DanesPirate TherapyTherapy Great Danes - GuidonTherapy Great Danes - Guidon-GuidonZen Therapy

Kelda, agility tunnelKelda herding

Kelda, MACH SR Chroma Druidess Pictsie BN RA MXS MJS NAP NJP XF NFP NW2 JHD CGC
Kelda is AKC 2012 TOP AGILITY DANE, is only the fourth Great Dane to achieve the MACH & did it in record time! She is also the only herding titled Dane & the first to get K9 Nosework Level 2 title

Spirit, trackingSpirit Tracking Certificate

Spirit, Saravilla Chroma VooDoo Spirit, TD, CGC, TDI
Spirit gained her Tracking Dog tilte when just a 7 mo puppy, and gained both her therapy & good citizen titles at 13 month while at the National.

Voltare, Agility Weeve Poles

Voltaire, Chroma Walking On The Sun, RN, NA, NAJ, OF, NJC, SJ, O-NAC, OJC, CGC, HIC
Voltaire was ranked in the Top 10 in AKC agility, and competing at the MASTER's level in USDDA agility. He is also HIC (Herding Instinct Certified) by the American Herding Breed Association

Guidon, ObedienceGuidon, Therapy

Guidon was the 10th Dane ever and only the 2nd male in the breed to achieve the Utility Dog Excellent title. He was always in the top five for breed rankings, and consistently gained a Delaney ranking. He was still out working in obedience at 8 & in therapy work until 10 years old. Guidon has his TDIA-OV (highest Therapy Dog title) for having done over 150 visits!

Joker, Quizzy & Shamus all attended the 2010 AKC/Eukanuba National Invitational. This was the 4rd year for Quizzy & the 3nd trip for siblings. These Danes are now 8 years old & still at the top of their game!

Charm Dock DivingCharm Dock Diving

Charm, Chroma Three Times Charmed, RN, TD, R1, MJ, TT, CGC, TDinc.
Charm is featured as a doc-diving wonder: at 6 she is titled at the master level in dock-diving and nationally competitive. She holds the breed world record as an "Air Dog"!

Rosie broad jumpRosie drop on recall

Rosie, multiple sp-HIT, all-breed HC & OTCH-ptd. Chroma Gamble'N'Rose UDX RE CGC
Rosie has been in the #1 or #2 slot all years, was the GDCA Awardee in UTILITY, and ranked #2 in Delaney system

Dare UD

Dare finished his UD before he was three, with All-Breed High In Trial and mutliple First Place placements, ranked in the Top 10 and #2 Dane Nationally in Obedience-Delaney System. He is the only 2nd Male Dane in breed history to get an ALL BREED HIGH IN TRIAL. Dare was also a working therapy dog

Pirate AgilityPirate Agility

Pirate, Hall Of Fame, Group Winning, BISS CH CHROMA Thief of Hearts, CD, RA, OA, AXJ, OJC, NAC, TDIA, GDCA-VA, CGC & Venerable Dane
Pirate is AFAWK still the only Great Dane that has been ranked in conformation, agility, obedience & rally. He was the first Excellent/Open agility titled Champion male in the breed & had his AXJ and two AX legs. He is also obedience titled & was ranked in the Top Five for Obedience in repeated years, having achieved his CD with an average score of 195.
Pirate was a GDCA Versatility Award winner & one of the select few Danes in the GDCA Hall of Fame.


Picabo Agility

Picabo, O-NAC NJC CHROMA Trompe L'oeil, CD, RN, OA, NAJ, NJP, CGC, TDIA & Venerable Dane
Picabo is the first Great Dane with an O-NAC, one of first to title in NADAC, and one of the first to also compete successfully in AKC agility. She was listed among the top ten in Danes in 2001. In 2002 she had a litter, so did not compete. In 2003 she began competing with her junior handler Joseph Whitehouse, and completed more titles in agility, as well as in Rally and Obedience. Proud mother of pups & grandpups also out competing, she had one litter which has gone on to many breed firsts: Versatility winning CH/CD daughter Frenchie, Orion with several breed firsts and a dog ranked in all sports for several years, National Specialty HIGH IN TRIAL daughter Rosie, #1 Dock-Diving daughter Charm. All this from her only litter!


Orion AgilityOrion Open Obedience

Orion, Chroma Orion of the Red Bluff CDX, RE, NA, AXJ, NJP, NFP, OF, AJ, AG, SR, SS, OAC, OGC, O-EJC, HIC--Two time qualifier for the AKC/Eukanuba Agility Invitational.
Orion is titled in AKC obedience, rally & agility, and in USDAA & NADAC agiltiy. He was invited to the 2006 USDAA Invitational, 2007 and 2008 AKC Agility Invitation, #1 Dane in NADAC in 2007.
Orion has at least two breed firsts to his name: first ever FAST (agility) titled Dane and the first ever Great Dane to achieve a Rally Advanced title; and was ranked #1 in 2005 and ranked in the Top Ten for every year he's competed in AKC Agility, Rally and Obedience.